Wash basin sensor tap is used for handwashing in the wash basins. It allows people to wash hands without touching the faucet body. It is a technology touchless faucet that is healthy and hygienic, it prevents the spread of bacteria and germs. 

The wash basin sensor tap is also helping to save water. Because it accurately controls the water flow and washing time. It also automatically turns off the water after the setting time. So we no need to worry about the faucet is not turned off correctly.

KEGE is a basin sensor faucet factory in China for years. We offer one-stop door to door service for the wash basin sensor taps sales and after-sales service.


Sensor tap for types of wash basin

The sensor tap is suitable for types of wash basin. No matter what kind of wash basin you are using, you can always find a suitable sensor tap. Even if your basin is with one single hole, two-hole, or three holes. We all have a touchless faucet that suits your basin.

Countertop basins

a countertop basin is usually positioned on top of a vanity unit or worktop and pairs perfectly with a high-rise basin tap or wall-mounted basin taps. The appearance style is good-looking and very textured. Because of its high appearance, it is quite popular and well used in some hotels, high-end restaurants, high-end public toilets, etc

Full pedestal basins

Full pedestal basins are securely attached to the wall and are good for hiding pipework and plumbing. This option consists of a stand, or pedestal, fixed to the floor with the basin fixed to the wall behind. Full pedestal basins come in a wide range of sizes

Semi pedestal basins

Semi-recessed basins are crafted for use with ledges, shelves or with coordinating bathroom furniture. The front of the basin usually has a smooth and rounded edge with the reverse specifically cut to fit easily into where it’s needed to sit. The end result is that the basin looks like a seamless part of the furniture.

Wall hung basins

Wall mounted basins are a great space saving tool when fitting a new bathroom. Because they aren’t touching the floor they create an illusion of greater space in your bathroom, and help to make it less cluttered. 

Corner basins

 the corner basin has been designed to fit into a right angle corner in almost any room. They are ideal for cloakrooms or smaller bathrooms where the only available space is in the corner of the room.

Sensor taps for wash basins

No matter what kind of sensor faucets, like commercial sensor taps,wall mounted sensor taps, bathroom sensor taps. You can always find one to suit your basin. Below we list some sensor taps for your reference.

Sensor wash basin tap price

Sensor wash basin tap is not as expensive as people think. Maybe you check some sensor taps in some shops which looks quite expensive, however here on our website, we offer you cheap sensor tap.

KEGE Sensor wash basin tap price is cheap compared to other brands, but a little more expensive than regular taps. You can buy a sensor tap for less than $70 on our website. If you are with little budget but want to have a smart touchless faucet for your kitchen. Then try our touchless faucet adapter.



  • MOQ: 1 unit
  • Price: $40-$90
  • Material: brass with gold and chrome color
  • DC6V or AC220V power supply
  • Final quote based on the quantity, AC or DC type you need.
Touchless Bathroom Faucet KEG-BY-143AD


Automatic wall mounted faucet KEG8131A


  • MOQ: 1 unit
  • Price: $50-$90
  • Material: brass with chrome color
  • DC6V
  • Final quote based on the quantity.
  • Wall mounted sensor tap


  • MOQ: 1 unit
  • Price: $60-$90
  • Material: Brass
  • Touch and touchless sensors with temperature control and shown on the panel
  • Final quote based on the quantity.

Wash basin sensor tap buy online

There are many ways to buy sensor tap online. You can buy from Amazon, eBay, home depot, and so on. You can also buy from these big brands’ websites online, like Kohler, Moen, and Grohe.

It’s also ok to buy from KEGE directly by contacting us. We offer wash basin sensor taps one stop door to door service directly from China. We are the original basin sensor faucet factory in China. We are professional at the electrical parts like sensors, and valves on the touchless faucet. What’s more, we offer competitive prices from the factory directly to customers and the best after-sales service.

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