Are you planning to build a smart kitchen and bathroom to increase the value of your property? Do you want to conserve more water? Do you want to keep your kitchen and bathroom clean at all times? Are you worried about the inaccessibility of faucets to children and the elderly? If your answer is yes, then this guide is for you.

KEGE offers the best and most innovative touchless and automatic kitchen and bathroom products. With our hot products, we aim to provide our customers with hygienic and convenient day-to-day operations. In this article, the factors to consider when buying touchless faucets will be discussed. Read on to learn more about the specifications and key features to look for in touchless faucets.

Five points to consider when buying touchless faucets

1. Activation

infrared sensor technology

Touchless faucets have sensors to turn them on and off. Touchless faucets with multiple sensors are more accurate and have a better response to gestures. Some sensors are located at the top and the base. When looking for touchless faucets, know the number, accuracy, and sensitivity of the sensors. KEGE’s touchless kitchen faucets open by one wave and close by another wave to the sensor.

2. Power source

Touchless faucets can be powered using a DC or an AC power source. Battery-operated touchless faucets are simpler and less expensive than AC-powered touchless faucets. Typically, batteries can last for more than two years, depending on the frequency of use. With an AC power source, take into account the additional works needed for the installation of power cords and outlets. Then weigh between the two what works for you. KEGE offers both battery-operated and AC-powered touchless faucets.

DC battery box for touchless faucet
DC battery box
power ac adapter
AC power adapter

3. Material of Construction

brass touchless kitchen faucet
Brass with Chrome Surface Automatic Sensor Kitchen Faucet

The material of construction of the touchless faucet determines its durability. Zinc, brass, chrome, nickel, stainless steel, copper, and bronze are the materials used for the inner parts and finishing of the faucets. Touchless faucets made of brass are known to be the best choice, but they come with a price. KEGE uses the highest quality materials for touchless faucets to ensure the durability of builds and their long service life.

What’s more, the core spare parts also have raw material differences. Like infrared sensors, some are made only with cheap electrical components without any SMC chip to control the whole circuit. Like Solenoid valves, some are made of plastic and some in brass, normally brass is more durable than plastic. some manufacturers use the quite worse raw material to produce it and that will cause the touchless faucet to be damaged easily. All the raw materials used for KEGE touchless faucets are from big brands, test before and after production.

4. Additional Features

Touchless Bathroom Faucet KEG-BY-149AD
Touchless Bathroom Faucet with Temperature Control

Touchless faucets usually come with LED indicators for safety purposes. Some touchless faucets display different colors or blinks when the battery runs out, or the temperature of the water is changing. Flashing light sends a signal that the water might be too hot. KEGE has touchless faucets with temperature control using an adjustable handle on the side. With this feature, you can set the best water temperature for use at the moment. Additionally, KEGE offers touchless kitchen faucets with a touchless soap dispenser and pull-down sprayer.

5. Availability of Spare Parts

When looking for touchless faucets, do not forget to consider easy access to spare parts. In case of trouble due to parts malfunctioning, knowing where to buy spare parts brings relief. KEGE offers key spare parts such as solenoid valves and infrared sensors. These parts are essential to the smooth operation of the touchless faucets. Solenoid valves are electromechanically operated valves that regulate water flow in fully close or fully open positions. On the other hand, infrared sensors are the ones responsible for the actuation of touchless faucets. When the infrared sensor detects movements of objects within its fields of detection, it sends a signal to the valve when to start or stop the water flow.

Infrared sensor for touchless faucet KEG-8115


Touchless faucets have many benefits, especially for those places with high traffic, such as commercial and public restrooms. They allow safe, clean, and convenient use of faucets with their touchless actuation, preventing the risk of cross-contamination among the users. Furthermore, they provide a contemporary design which makes the places they are installed in very attractive.

Check out our awesome touchless kitchen and bathroom solutions for more information. If you have any questions on the troubleshoot or installation of the touchless faucet, you can also check our blog or contact us.