When we mentioned touchless bathroom faucet, it is always the same meaning as automatic bathroom faucet, sensor bathroom faucet, automatic bathroom tap, auto bathroom faucet, touch free or no touch bathroom faucet. It is widely used and suitable for modern home bathrooms.

Many people may be wondering if normal manual bathroom faucets are good enough for use why we need to use touchless bathroom faucets. The reason is that it is so convenient to use and you don’t need to worry about anything.

Especially when there are kids or old people in the houses, the touchless bathroom faucets are easy for them to turn on and off. The crazy thing is that for a normal bathroom faucet when you are out and forget to turn it off, and when you are back and find there are waters everywhere, it drives you to mad.But for a touchless faucet, you will never find these things.

  • Low MOQ: we accept low MOQ with 1pcs the minimum.
  • Cheaper price: our prices range is between $60 to $120 which is much lower than the other touchless bathroom faucet in the market. The final prices depend on the quantity you need.
  • Healthy and Safe: with the touch-free faucet, it can prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. It’s not only time-saving but also hygienic.
  • Low power indication: This may indicate it is time to replace existing batteries with new ones or there is not enough power going to unit.
  • Easy installation and cleaning.
  • Suitable for home bathroom using.
  • Stable quality and longer lifetime.

Touchless bathroom faucet with temperature control

Touchless Bathroom Faucet KEG-BY-143AD

The touchless bathroom faucet with temperature control has a handle that can adjust the hot and cold water temperature. The faucet that we also called all-in-one touchless bathroom faucet integrated temperature mixer valve, infrared sensor eye, solenoid valve together. When people are getting close to the faucet, putting the hand in the sensor detects area will activate the water flow, and the water will stop when you take your hand away or after setting seconds, without having the need to have any physical contact or touch.

The temperature control is an added built in feature that will control the temperature of the sensor faucets, this mixing built in valve is not the same as the under-mount mixing valve that can be installed under the sink and can be set at a predetermined temperature. The built in mixing valve for the touchless bathroom faucet with temperature control can be adjusted at any time by any user of the sensor faucet without having to preset the temperature. The users can adjust the temperature by simply adjusting the handle in the faucet.

For the mixing built in valve, you can check details here.

Commercial touchless bathroom faucet

Commercial touchless bathroom faucets are designed for use in bathrooms with high traffic such as restaurants, malls, hospitals, airports, or public restrooms. The commercial motion-activated sensor faucets are durable, vandal-resistant, and designed for heavy use applications. So the most important factors for commercial touchless bathroom faucets are stability, long lifetime, and water-saving. The Commercial bathroom faucets are designed to operate correctly and dependably year after year, saving money, time, and maintenance headaches.

KEGE touchless bathroom faucets are designed with stability and high efficiency. Not like the other manufacturer in China, we produce all the key spare parts, like infrared sensors, solenoid valves in china by ourselves. We developed our bi-stable solenoid valves for years. So even if there is any quality issue with the touchless faucets, we can give our best support to our customers.

If you are looking for the best commercial touchless bathroom faucets , you can check our blog here.

KEGE Touchless Bathroom Faucet

Leading Touchless Bathroom Faucet Manufacturer in China

KEGE touchless bathroom faucets are widely used in home bathrooms and receive good feedback from our customers. The touchless bathroom faucet comes with a handle that can adjust the hot and cold water temperature, it is quite suitable for home use. Just set the fixed temperature and with no touching, the waters come out automatically.

KEGE is a leading touchless bathroom faucet manufacturer in China, we apply 9 years to research and develop touchless bathroom faucets with infrared sensors, bi-stable solenoid valve. It features high sensitivity, fast response, longer life cycles, large hydraulic pressure range, low power consumption, bi-stable quality, etc.

KEGE touchless bathroom faucets have been manufactured under strict standards of quality and workmanship. Most of our electronic components including IC are purchased from big worldwide brands.  All our touchless bathroom faucets are tested by life testing machines, sensor distance machines, salt, and spray test machines, IP test machines, 3D measurement machines before shipment. So customers are always satisfied with our quality products.

Compare with KOHLER, GROHE, DELTA, AMERICAN STANDARD touchless bathroom faucets, we also have good quality but at much cheaper prices. We offer two years warranty time, KEGE will FREE OF CHARGE provide the key parts necessary to put products back in good working condition or replace it with new ones. Trust KEGE and you will buy reliable touchless bathroom faucets in China.

Single hole and 3 hole touchless bathroom faucet

For a single hole or 3 holes touchless bathroom faucet, it depends on different usage or depends on the basin which you are using. Normally the touchless bathroom faucet in the market mostly are single hole. Especially like the commercial touchless bathroom faucet which is often used in the public area. Some touchless bathroom faucets can be with a metal plate to cover the 3 holes in the basin.

The touchless bathroom faucets that we listed here are all single holes. If you are looking for 3 holes touchless bathroom faucet, please contact us, or we can provide the metal plate to cover the 3 holes in the basin.

Motion sensor

As the most important part of a motion sensor bathroom faucet, the work of the motion sensor is to detect the movements of the objects, like hands, cats, or the human body, and then forward the signals to the valve to turn on and off the water flow. Its job is to inform the valve when to start or stop the flow based on the presence or absence of your hands. It has either infrared light or ultrasonic sensors. In most cases, infrared light sensors are often placed at the tip of the spout.

The motion sensor integrated the circuit board which we also call PCBA, the IC OR MCU in the PCBA controls the whole program working. We use glue potting with a strong moistureproof function to seal and protect the circuit board.


Working powerWorking water pressureSensor distanceMaximum
Applicable water temperature Error
DC6V & AC220V0.05-0.7MPa30±3cm to white board (about 18cm to
Ø32-44mm1~40℃0.1-60℃ <0.6 secondG1/2″,G3/8″

Touchless bathroom faucet installation diagram

TOUCHLESS-FAUCET-KEG-8700-installation diagram-1



Touchless bathroom faucets for home using. The modern, fashionable faucets turn the bathroom to be nice, hygienic, and healthy. Love the home, love the bathroom, try to find the best touchless bathroom faucets in KEGE.


Touchless faucets for the lavatory. It’s quite convenient to use the touchless faucets in the lavatory. Not only save time and save water, but it is also fashion-looking and hygienic.

hotel rooms


People always like to live in a clean, nice hotel. Decorating with a touchless faucet makes the hotel rooms modern and wonderful. People like the touch free feeling, it’s new and technology. What’s more, it’s healthy and safe during the pandemic time because it doesn’t need to touch.

Advantages of touchless faucets

The significant advantage of a touchless bathroom faucet is cleanliness. The reason is that they are mess-free and solve the majority of the issue that one would have to deal with a regular tap. It helps in the elimination of cross-contamination. 

The second factor is water saving. As water shuts off automatically, there is a considerable decrease in the use of water and a reduction in wastage. Additional benefits in such cases help in removing the overflow of a sink, which sometimes occurs due to unclosed facet by accident. They are also a great help for people suffering from mobility limitations.

The third factor is hygienic, bacteria and germs free. Especially during the epidemic outbreak of COV-19.People cared more and more on hygienic sanitary ware. A touchless or touch free bathroom faucet can efficiently prevent the spread of bacteria and germs, not only in public washroom, but also in the home bathroom.


The solenoid valve for touchless bathroom faucets always comes with a hand that can adjust the hot and cold water temperature. The valve is integrated inside the touchless bathroom faucet which can connect with the sensor and power. Kege bi-stable solenoid valve life span is up to one million circles, lasting more than 15 years.

The solenoid valve is a switch to control the water on and off. The positive or negative signals from the sensor control the solenoid valve. The polarity of the signal determines if the solenoid will either engage a pull or push action. The valves control the water flow by using a rubber-like disc. When there is no signal, the valve is closed, meaning no water flow through the faucet. The presence of a hand will send a positive signal to the solenoid causing it to pull the valve open for water to flow. The solenoid will close up the valve by a push action when the hand is no more.

KEGE bi-stable solenoid valve means double stable. KEGE applies 7 years to research and develop bi-stable solenoid valve and now it has already used in most of our products. It features as high sensitivity, large hydraulic pressure range, low power consumption etc.

The bistable pulse solenoid valve adopts the core product of “independent research and development, technical innovation” of our company. The unique internal structure design greatly reduces the movement resistance of the valve core in the cavity and the impact of the medium on the valve body when the valve body is opened and closed and enhances the reliability and service life of the valve.


Uses of Touchless Bathroom Faucet

The uses of touchless faucets came into existence with the development of technology and were widely popular across public washrooms. However, with prices dropping by, residential users also have the option to select the right faucet for their bathroom. There is also little evidence that the use of such faucets helped in the reduction of the spread of disease-causing microbes, it can prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. Besides, touchless faucet reduces overall water usage without sacrificing water. It can prevent people especially the kids forget to turn off the faucet and cause wasting of water.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Touchless bathroom faucets use infrared sensor technology that allows you to start the flow of water without touching the faucet. Instead, just placing your hand under the spout sensor, the sensor emits infrared beams and receives the reflection beams from the hand. Then it will give the solenoid valve a signal to open and the water will start flowing; When you take your hand away, the sensor will indicate the solenoid valve to close, then the water flow will stop.

For more details, please visit our blog: HOW DOES A TOUCHLESS FAUCET WORK.

There are many reasons that can cause a touchless bathroom faucet not working, no water flow, leakage and so on. Because of the electricity influence, the reason mainly caused by the sensor, solenoid valve and batteries.

For more details, please visit our blog: HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT TOUCHLESS FAUCETS .

Maintenance is similar to that of the regular faucet. However, there are a few additional steps that one should take part in due to the presence of electrical components. The primary aspect is to keep away from the use of harsh chemicals. The second is not to store any chemicals or other stuff near the battery pack. The third is not to put the control box and battery box near any electronic products because EMC can influence the function of the sensor working.  It is preferable to arrange a few of the household goods stored underneath the sink to elsewhere to ensure that there is no disturbance. The reason is to prevent an explosion, which only occurs in the worst scenarios. It is likewise essential to dispose of the used battery with care and replace them properly to ensure a protective environment. Reading the installation manual will help one understand the replacement procedure of the battery. They also provide information on troubleshooting.

It keep running 60 seconds then stop,if you need more water,you need active the sensor again

about 1.5 years for family use.

The deck plate is removable but for my installation it looked nicer with it on and lifted the faucet and sensor up that 1/8″. May also create a better water seal. Your choice.

It is easy to adjust the temperature on touchless bathroom faucets. Most KEGE touchless bathroom faucet has a handle on the faucet, moving forward or backward you can adjust the water temperature. Some commercial touchless bathroom faucets don’t have a handle on the faucet, but it has a mixing valve under the sink counter, you can adjust the temperature by adjusting the cold water or hot water valve.

How to install touchless bathroom faucet?

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