Automatic Wall Mounted Sensor Faucet KEG-8910

Wall mount sensor faucet is also called wall mounted automatic faucet, touchless wall mount faucet, wall mounted sensor tap. It is mainly used in public washrooms and home bathroom which is installed on the wall. The sensor faucet integrates the infrared sensor in the spout, solenoid valve inside the faucet body. When people get close to the faucet, putting the hand in the sensor detects area will activate the water flow, and the water will stop when you take your hand away or after a few seconds. It leaves your customers a good impression when they use it.

Wall mount sensor faucets help save space on the basin, they are also very convenient for people using ti. It is also quite good for old people when they are washing hands without bending too much and touching the faucet.

Using KEGE touchless wall mounted sensor tap, you don’t need to worry about the installation because it is quite easy. If you are interested in our touchless wall mount faucet, please feel free to contact us.

  • Low MOQ: we accept low MOQ with 1pcs the minimum.
  • Cheaper price: our prices range is between $60 to $100 which is much lower than the other wall mount sensor faucet in the market. The final prices depend on the quantity you need.
  • Warranty time: 2 years.

Wall mount sensor faucet seller

KEGE is a wall mount sensor faucet seller in China for more than 10 years. We produce and sell touchless faucets, not only in China but also all over the world. Our touchless faucets have good feedback because of their stable quality and long-life use.

KEGE wall mount sensor faucets are just wow faucets that you can’t miss for your bathroom. In a series of that our wall mount sensor faucets are wonderful and amazing for those who see or use your bathroom the first time. Don’t Miss the Chance to impress your guests. After all, the first impression is the last impression.

KEGE wall mount touchless faucets have elegant flowing ideal for hand washing and other everyday tasks. This has an elegant design and elevates the appeal of your decor made from the highest quality and for great tastes.

Besides the look, using wall mounted sensor tap is a great way to save space in your bathroom. Especially countertop space, there is no better option than a wall mounts on this. The wall mounted automatic faucet comes in cold and hot/cold water operation. The installation is flexible and easy. These self-closing quality automatic faucets not only help you save water, energy, and money, but also are great, touchless, and hygienic for commercial use applications in public bathrooms, such as airports, malls, or hotels. Pocket saving and significant value to your money.


  • Touchless wave-on sensor: wave the sensor without touch, water flows, wave again, water stops. Water stops automatically after 1min continuous flow.
  • Wall Mount Concealed Sensor Faucet.
  • Hygienic, bacteria and germs free without touching.
  • Water-saving: Water-efficient faucet reduces overall water usage without sacrificing water.
  • Energy-saving: 4AA alkaline batteries shall last approximately 3000 times/month for one year.
  • Easy installation and cleaning.
  • Automatically adjusting the sensing distance.
  • Suitable for both Commercial and residential use
  • Our Wall Mount Sensor Faucets are ADA Compliant

Technical Specification

Power SupplyTAP Body MaterialApplicable Water PressureWater TemperatureEnvironment TemperatureWater Supplying Caliber
DC 6V or
AC 110V-240V

Installation Diagram

Automatic Wall Mounted Sensor Faucet KEG-8131 Installation
Automatic Wall Mounted Sensor Faucet KEG-8901 Installation

Instructions for use:

1. Sensor/flow test

When the unit is powered on, water should flow immediately when you put your hands within range of the sensor. When you remove your hands out range the water should stop immediately.

The maximum duration of continuous flow is 1 minute.

2. Sensor range

The default factory set distance is 12~15 cm. When powered on for the first time, place your hands at the desired distance within 5 seconds after the power has been switched on and remove your hands after approx 2 seconds in order to change the factory setting.

To reset the setting, interrupt power for at least 30 seconds and follow the procedure as described to set the sensor range correctly.

3. Water filter

To prevent blockage please clean the water filter regularly, make sure you shut off the water mains, unscrew the water inlet hose, remove the strainer, clean with water and a soft brush. Then install the items in reverse order, turn on water mains and check for leakage.

Uses of wall mounted sensor tap and how it works

The uses of wall mount sensor tap came into existence with the development of technology and were widely popular across public washrooms. There is also little evidence that the use of such faucets helped in the reduction of the spread of disease-causing microbes, it can prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. Besides, a touchless faucet reduces overall water usage without sacrificing water. It can prevent people, especially the kids forgetting to turn off the faucet and causing wasting of water.

KEGE Automatic Wall Mounted Sensor Faucet

Automatic Wall Mounted Sensor Faucet KEG-8910
Automatic Wall Mounted Sensor Faucet KEG-8131

Motion sensor for wall mounted touchless faucets


As the most important part, the work of the sensor is to forward the signals to the valve to turn on the faucet after detecting your hand. Its job is to inform the valve when to start or stop the flow based on the presence or absence of your hands. It has either infrared light or ultrasonic sensors.

KEGE Infrared sensors are designed especially for wall mount touchless faucets. With the smallest sizes, it can be installed inside the faucet near the spout. When putting hands under the spout, the water will on.

The sensor range and flushing time can be adjusted by a remote controller. What’s more, the infrared sensor life span reaches to 500,000 circles, lasting more than 10 years.

Advantages of wall mount sensor faucet

The significant advantage of a wall mount sensor tap is cleanliness. The reason is that they are mess-free and solve the majority of the issue that one would have to deal with a regular tap. It helps in the elimination of cross-contamination. 

The second factor is water saving. As water shuts off automatically, there is a considerable decrease in the use of water and a reduction in wastage. Additional benefits in such cases help in removing the overflow of a sink, which sometimes occurs due to unclosed facet by accident. They are also a great help for people suffering from mobility limitations.

The third factor is hygienic, bacteria and germs free. Especially during the epidemic outbreak of COV-19.People cared more and more about hygienic sanitary ware. A touchless or touch free faucet can efficiently prevent the spread of bacteria and germs, not only in a public washroom but also in the home bathroom.

Wall mount faucet height

Getting the wall-mounted faucet in the wrong place could shoot out the front onto the counter, especially if the water pressure is pretty high. Or splash if it were to hit the stopper. As suggested, you might want to hook it up to a water source and move it around over the sink (put it over a bucket) to see how it works, and where you prefer it.

The minimum allowable distance between the countertop and the faucet head is one inch.  However, most faucets are installed higher than that for user comfort.  The perfect height for a kitchen faucet is 8-10 inches.  A bathroom faucet can be installed at a height of 3-5 inches. A wall mount faucet in 6-8” above the countertop is typically a comfortable height. A wall mount sensor faucet can install with a higher height in 8-10 inches.

How to install wall mounted sensor faucet?


Wall mount sensor faucets use infrared sensor technology that allows you to start the flow of water without touching the faucet. Instead, just placing your hand under the spout sensor, the sensor emits infrared beams and receives the reflection beams from the hand. Then it will give the solenoid valve a signal to open and the water will start flow; When you take your hand away, the sensor will indicate the solenoid valve to close, then the water flow will stop.

If you want to know more about how wall mount sensor faucets work, please check our blog here.

There are many reasons that can cause a wall-mounted sensor faucet not working, no water flow, leakage, and so on. Because of the electricity influence, the reason is mainly caused by the sensor, solenoid valve, and batteries.

Wall mounted sensor faucet troubleshooting
ProblemPossible ReasonSuggested Solution
No water flowBatteries run outReplace batteries
Dirt on sensor surfaceClean the sensor surface
Main water supply is shut offTurn main water supply on
Dirt on water filter netClean the water filter net
Water pressure is not applicableRefer to technical specification
Have a continuous water flow problemBatteries run outReplace batteries
Low water pressureRefer to technical specification
Having leakage after turning off the faucetLow water pressureRefer to technical specification
Dirt on water filter netClean the water filter net

Maintenance is similar to that of the regular faucet. However, there are a few additional steps that one should take part in due to the presence of electrical components.

  1. The primary aspect is to keep away from the use of harsh chemicals.
  2. The second is not to store any chemicals or other stuff near the battery pack.
  3. The third is not to put the control box or battery box near any electronic products because EMC can influence the function of the sensor working. 

It is preferable to arrange a few of the household goods stored underneath the sink to elsewhere to ensure that there is no disturbance. The reason is to prevent an explosion, which only occurs in the worst scenarios. It is likewise essential to dispose of the used battery with care and replace them properly to ensure a protective environment. Reading the installation manual will help one understand the replacement procedure of the battery. They also provide information on troubleshooting.

The answer is yes definitely. A wall-mounted faucet gives you the advantage of creating more space on the countertop, which can be used for storage or decor, adding even more to the design, or keeping clear for a clean look. Due to their unique look, wall-mounted faucets add interest to the bathroom or kitchen design.

Leaking is one of the few problems with wall-mounted faucets, which are generally so sturdy that they seldom have other internal issues. Repairing a leak is so easy that virtually anyone can do it, and the repair saves precious water.

Placing the faucets 6-8” above the countertop is typically a comfortable height for most above-counter sinks. If you have the dimensions of the sink you want to ensure that you have at least 1-2” between the bottom of the faucet and the top of the bowl or the “flood level” of the sink.

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