How to Improve your Public Bathroom’s Hygiene

Many businesses spend a hefty sum on the design and decoration of their bathrooms. However, the fact that there may be some nasty bacteria lurking in even the most gorgeous restrooms is overlooked by many. It is your responsibility to look after the health and well-being of your customers by making sure that your facilities are up to date with hygiene standards. Here are some ways you can keep your public bathrooms clean.

Make sure the toilet seat is germ-free

Even if they’re spotless, toilet seats can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. If the toilet seat is wet, people may catch a disease just from sitting on it. Make sure to wipe the dirty seat with an antibacterial spray or liquid to ensure a sanitary environment.

Install touchless accessories

Without thinking, people often touch the bathroom sink, door handle, and toilet paper dispenser. This unintentional contact can ease the transmission of germs. Touchless accessories like motion sensor faucets and automatic soap dispensers can help keep germ transmission to a minimum.

Keep the floor dry

You have to ensure that the floor of the washroom is as clean as possible. If the floor is wet, it is more likely that anyone can fall, and moist conditions are favorable for the growth of bacteria. All you have to do is mop the floor with an antibacterial liquid and keep it dry.

Keep the restroom ventilated

If there are no windows or air vents, you should consider putting one in to prevent odors and damp conditions. All you have to do is put a small fan in the window, and it will keep your restroom clean and fresh. You can also install an automatic ventilation system for places where natural ventilation isn’t possible.

Check for leaks and damages

Inspect your washroom for any leaks and damages that could cause water retention and moisture. Fix whatever damage you find as soon as possible to keep your restroom clean and dry.

Install air fresheners

You can place air fresheners to get a fresh feel to your restroom. Air fresheners emit a pleasant smell that can remove the foul odors and improve air quality in your washroom.

Disposal of trash

Make sure to dispose of trash periodically; otherwise, it will build up and create an unpleasant smell in your washroom. It can also attract gnats and flies. You can place a trash disposal machine near the bathroom door and empty it frequently to keep your restroom clean and odorless.

Install automatic flushing system

If any of your customers forget to flush, you don’t have to worry because an automatic flushing system is there to rescue you. Automatic flushers have sensors that can automatically rinse the toilet when people are done using it.

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Wrap up

Public bathrooms are generally swarming with germs and bacteria. It is hard to keep your washroom clean and hygienic with regular cleaners, but you can do it with the right tools. Although this is just a short guide, it can help you improve the condition of your washroom significantly.