How to install touchless faucet?


Touchless faucets are getting popular in most modern houses all around the world. Surprisingly, now you will find a lot of people who are interested to know how a touchless faucet works. This is because these faucets are simple to use, they are clean without touching, hygienic, bacteria and germs free. What’s more, they can save water and money.

How to install touchless faucets?

Preparation before installation:

  • Please note that tap water is required.If water is not clean, it may require a filter to avoid damage to the solenoid or other parts.
  • Unit’s infrared sensor may not work properly if unit is installed near a reflective surface or if it is facing bright lights.
  • Booster should be adopted if the water pressure is lower than 0.05mpa to prevent the device damage.
  • Decompressor should be adopted if the water pressure is higher than 0.7mpa to prevent devices damage.

Touchless faucet installation:

how to install touchless faucet A


Take out the faucet body from the package and remove the rubber gasket, S/S gasket as well as fixing net. Fix the faucet body to the basin and install the rubber gasket, S/S gasket as well as fixing nut in sequence. See Picture A.

how to install touchless faucet step two


Drill two holes with size 7.5mm diameter and 30mm depth. Knock the expansion tubes into the holes and fix the control box holder to the wall. See Picture B.

how to install touchless faucet step three


Connect the faucet water hose with the control box outlet (See picture C-1). Then fix the water hose to the control box inlet and triangular valve (See picture C-2 and C-3). Fix the control box to the holder and connect the sensor wire.

how to install touchless faucet step four


Take out of the battery box from the control box and install 4 pieces of AA alkaline batteries correctly. Then insert back the battery box into the control box. Insert the transformer plug into the socket if needed(See picture C-6).

Automatic bathroom faucet KEG-8155 installation

Installation Diagram

Detail installation drawing with all the parts for how to install touchless faucets.

How to install touchless kitchen faucet?

black and chrome touch free kitchen faucet



  1. Close the hot- and cold-water shutoff valves underneath the sink.
  2. Use a basin wrench to disconnect both water-supply lines from the underside of the sink.
  3. Twist off the hand sprayer from the spray hose, then pry off the retainer clip with a narrow screwdriver or a pocketknife.
  4. Pull the sprayer base off of the spray hose, then push the hose down through the sink deck and into the cabinet below.
  5. Drain the water from the spray hose into a bucket.
  6. Pull out and discard the old faucet.
  7. Place the new faucet’s mounting plate and gasket onto the sink deck.
  8. Set the faucet in place by feeding its hoses and data cable down through the hole in the mounting plate.
  9. From below, slide the ends of the hoses and cable through the support bar and mounting washer.
  10. Thread on the hex nut and tighten with the supplied wrench to lock the faucet to the sink.
  11. Feed the soap dispenser through the old hand-sprayer hole in the sink deck, then tighten the mounting nut from below.
  12. Push the retractable spray hose into the gooseneck faucet and down into the cabinet.
  13. Fasten the battery-powered control box to the inside of the cabinet with two screws.
  14. Plug the water-supply lines, power line, and data cable into the push-to-connect fittings along the top and bottom of the control box.
  15. Install the control-box battery, then adjust the water-temperature setting.
  16. Snap the counterbalance weight onto the hose that’s connected to the retractable faucet spray head.
  17. Open the shutoff valves, then test the faucet.

How to install touchless faucet adapter?

how to install DIY touchless faucet
  1. Turn off the kitchen faucet handle and unscrew the faucet nozzle. (Figure A-1)
  2. Select correct male/female connector with filter net gasket.(Figure A-2)
  3. Screw the correct connector to the kitchen faucet and tighten the connector.(Figure A-3, female connector M22*1 has already plugged into the DIY sensor tap body before shipment)
  4. PUT the DIY sensor tap body align with the connector, the sensor is facing forward, plug into the connector.(Figure A-4). Note: when disassembling, press and hold the button on the back of the DIY sensor tap body, rotating and pull out the DIY sensor tap body.
  5. Turn on the handle, the installation is complete, If there is an abnormality, please check the troubleshooting.
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