Best Touchless Bathroom Faucets Of 2024-Ultimate Guide

I’ve always wondered why I have to touch the bathroom faucet with my dirty hands in order to turn the water on. Then, once my hands are clean, I have to touch the now dirty faucet to turn the water off. It just has never made sense to me. If there are touchless bathroom faucets in public washrooms, why can’t we have them at home?

Touchless bathroom sink faucets are fast becoming a popular choice for many homeowners. Once the more common sight in those more commercial restrooms, more people are opting for these modern-looking faucets when decorating their homes, not only in kitchens but also for home bathrooms. We have many customers asking for touchless faucets for home use.

The automatic bathroom faucets works because of the sensor, so there is no need to touch it and you are also protected from contact with germs. The touchless bathroom faucet reviews guide is written to save your time to choose the best touchless bathroom faucet for home.

Motion sensor bathroom faucet or automatic bathroom faucet or touch free bathroom faucet or hands-free bathroom faucet or touchless bathroom faucet or auto-sensing faucet or automatic sensor faucet, all are these names of touchless bathroom faucet. The work of all these faucets is the same. They work through sensors. Some have the use of motion sensors and some have the infrared sensor in the faucet body. They are also called environmentally friendly faucets because they save water.

Uses of Touchless Bathroom Faucet

The uses of touchless faucets came into existence with the development of technology and were widely popular across public washrooms. However, with prices dropping by, residential users also have the option to select the right faucet for their bathroom. There is also little evidence that the use of such faucets helped in the reduction of the spread of disease-causing microbes, it can prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. Besides, touchless faucet reduces overall water usage without sacrificing water. It can prevent people especially the kids forget to turn off the faucet and cause wasting of water.

Best Touchless Bathroom Faucets Overview in 2024

1. Delta Faucet Tesla Single-Handle Touchless Bathroom Faucet

Claiming to have made convenience all the more convenient, the makers at the Delta present their Tesla model. This is the company’s Touch20.xt product and one that utilizes DIAMOND seal technology.

In a choice of colors, here you can select from stainless, polished nickel or chrome.

A single-handle model, the Delta faucet can be operated simply by using the tap touch20 function. This means placing your hands around the four-inch sensing field that is located around the faucet.

Delta Faucet Tesla Single-Handle Touchless Bathroom Faucet

However, you can, if you choose, also operate this faucet manually via the handle. This is claimed to be the faucet where you can, in fact, tap anywhere on its spout or handle to get the flow of water started.

The Delta model is a battery-operated faucet and offers two choices here. You can use a 6 AA battery, which is included here with your purchase. This will offer around up to two years of battery life. However, you can also choose to use a 6 C battery here. Though this isn’t included with your purchase it will offer around five years of battery life.

The battery box here can be mounted to a cabinet, using the mounting hardware that comes complete with the faucet. However, if you prefer, you can purchase an optional separate adapter.

Promoting water conservation, this Delta Tesla Faucet is water sense certified.

2. KOHLER K-13461-CP Sculpted Single-Hole Touchless DC-Powered Bathroom Sink Faucet

This is a thoroughly unique and modern choice of touchless bathroom sink faucet and relies on an impressive technology utilized throughout.

Featuring insight technology, this works on an adaptive infrared sensor. This allows it to gather and then analyze the areas surrounding it. It does this as soon as it has been successfully installed. Once it has these details, it records them in its system. It then actively calibrates this insight. The result is a sink faucet that will work to the correct sensor while filtering the potential of any false triggers.

Not only does this impressive system work to ensure the faucet only comes on when it’s necessary, thus saving water – it also works harder to save you money on your energy bills.

This is the company’s sculpted single hole model that is finished in a fantastic polished chrome. It also benefits greatly from the use of AC power, making it the more flexible of choices.

Coming complete with flexible supply hoses for that easier of installations, the Kohler model also boasts many other advantages. This includes a vandal-resistant aerator as just one of them, alongside a 30-second maximum factor setting control run cycle.


  • Insight technology
  • Adaptive infrared sensor
  • A water saver
  • A flow rate of 0.5 GPM
  • Vandal-resistant aerator
  • Product dimensions 25.8 x 7.8 x 4.2 inches
  • Brass body with polished chrome or vibrant Stainless finishing

3.KEGE Automatic Sensor Touchless Bathroom Faucet KEG-8907D/A/AD

KEGE Automatic Sensor Touchless Bathroom Faucet KEG-8907D/A/AD offers convenience and simple operation. This prevents cross-infection since you don’t need to touch anything when washing your hands.

The model comes with a hot and cold water adjustment lever that enables you to control the temperature. It also features a hole sink configuration that will allow you to install the faucet with precision.

What’s more, you can also choose a cheap automatic soap dispenser to match and use together with this touchless faucet in the bathroom. After you automatically get soaps, then wash hands under the touchless faucet, it’s really a good feeling to keep your hands clean.

Automatic Faucet Hot And Cold KEG-8907

Talking of installation, it is very easy to install this model; you won’t need a professional to do it for you. It also boasts of durable and high-quality chrome finished solid brass made that offers reliable performance.

Its sensor is powered by 4 pcs AA batteries that last for 2 years of everyday use. The installation process is also very easy and the product comes with detailed instructions of how to install it.

4. KEGE best commercial touchless bathroom faucet KEG-822

KEGE commercial Automatic Sensor Faucet KEG-822 is a lead-free model, meaning that it is safe for human use. It is an auto unit that senses hands movement to release water.

The model also goes off when there is no motion detected to ensure that there is no unnecessary wastage of water. Therefore, you can save on the water bill if you have this faucet in your bathroom.

The product is made of stainless steel or zinc alloy body that comes in handy to prevent rust and corrosion. You can continue to use the fixture under humid conditions and rest assured that it will remain new for long.

Automtic Cheapest Sensor Faucet KEG-822

It is powered by an AA battery that will last for long, meaning that you won’t need electricity to operate it. The package includes 2pcs 9/16 hose that you can use when installing it.

It also features hot and cold adjustment ability to provide you with the required water temperature.

It is commonly used in commercial public restrooms because of cheap price, durable material and motion sensor touchless function.

The installation process is also very easy and you can have it in place within minutes.


It’s a special design of touchless faucets for kids or children. It has a lovely deer shape that attracts children to wash their hands correctly and as often as possible.

Kids sensor faucets are hygienic to protect children from bacterial viruses. It encourages kids to wash their hands effectively. Also, you don’t need to worry about the water keeps running, water will turn off automatically after 60 seconds of the set time.

  • Brand: KEGE
  • Item No: KEG-11-B118AD
  • Easy installation and cleaning
  • Hygienic, bacteria and germs free without touching
  • Warranty: one year.
  • Cheap price from $30-$50 depends on your requirements and quantity.

6. KEGE touchless bathroom sink faucets KEG-11-B101

KEGE touchless bathroom sink faucets KEG-11-B101 uses active infrared sensor technology that allows starting the flow of water without touching the faucet. There are three color options: white, black, and chrome surface. It can be AC powered with a power plug and power adapter or DC battery power, it can also combine both AC and DC power. The chromed surface is durable and easy to clean. Water will security stops after 1 minute.

The material is brass, which comes with the best quality, lead-free and rustless. The black or chrome surface matches the sink both for home using and public. It is easy to clean and install.

When the sensor eye keeps flashing, this may indicate it is time to replace existing batteries with new ones or there is not enough power going to the unit.

For this touchless faucet, normally it only allows cold water. But with this kind of adjustable mixing valve, it can turn the water to be cold and hot water and also with temperature control. The installation is also easy, one hose with cold water and one hose with hot water, then mix together with cold and hot water.

Black Automatic Basin Faucet KEG-11-B101

7. Zurn Z6915-XL-F 0.5 gpm 4″ Center Battery Powered XL Faucet

This high-quality touchless bathroom sink faucet is ideal for use where hands-free operation and durability are necessary. It is also built from heavy-duty brass for increased strength and long-lasting use. As well, it has a clean and sleek appearance. Besides, it is available in different power configurations and multiple flow rates. In addition, the timeout feature after 30 seconds reduces wastage of water. Furthermore, the concealed aerator and streamlined design reduce chances for vandalism.

Zurn Z6915-XL-F 0.5 gpm 4″ Center Battery Powered XL Faucet

8. Gangang Automatic Touchless Sensor Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet

Gangang offers a touchless bathroom sink faucet in the form of its tall square waterfall type model. The high body of this ensures that it can be installed on a countertop basin with ease.

This is an automatic brass chrome-plated faucet and one which is lead-free in design.

What’s great about this model is its inclusion of an infrared sensor. This means it can sense distances of up to 10 to 18 cm, thus making it touchless. This also doubles up as a fantastic means of saving you water in the process as it only runs when it’s needed.

Gangang Automatic Touchless Sensor Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet

This sink faucet comes complete with mounting screws and accessories. It also offers an efficient installation process utilizing a deck mount and a single hole. Also included with your purchase is an instruction manual to further aid the process here.

Working to offer both hot and cold water, the water mixing valve of this model also allows you to adjust the temperature of your water throughout.

The Gangang is powered by four AA batteries. These can be installed into the control box to keep them safe. It’s estimated that these batteries will last a family around two years.


  • A taller body shape
  • Brass chrome plated
  • Product dimensions 14.8 x 9.5 x 4.5 inches
  • Chrome Plated Lead-free brass construction
  • Infrared sensor
  • Water mixing valve
  • Accessories and mounting equipment included

Customer Feedback

Customers of the Gangang touchless bathroom sink faucet offer some great reviews on this model, claiming its performance is second to none in use. With many customers noting how well it looks when in place, this faucet is also said to be amongst one of the easier of models to install. However, some of the best reviews are based around the brilliant savings made on water usage after installing the Gangang.

9. BULUXE LED Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet with Automatic Electronic Sensor, Brushed Nickel


  • Hands-Free Operation : Electronic automatic sensor precisely catches your motion and senses your hands, automatically turns on & off when your hands come and leave.
  • Built In LED : LED lighting in changing hues creates an energetic ambiance and offers visual impacts. (Cold water in Blue, Warm in Green, Hot in Red)
  • Waterfall Spout : Water runs through the channel spout and falls into the sink to make a waterfall statement
  • Power Sources 1.Led lighting is powered by the flowing water, battery not required. 2.Electronic motion sensor can be either powered by batteries(4 AA batteries required) or connected to the power plug for consistent power supply.
  • Warranty & Service :30 days hassle-free return and replacement guarantee, lifetime limited warranty(residential), 5-year limited warranty(commercial). Please feel free to contact us for any assistance related to the item or its mounting.
BULUXE LED Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet with Automatic Electronic Sensor, Brushed Nickel

✅【Waterfall Spout】: Water Runs Through The Channel Spout And Falls Into The Sink To Make A Waterfall Statement.
✅【Warranty & Service】:30 Days Hassle-Free Return And Replacement Guarantee, Lifetime Limited Warranty(Residential), 5-Year Limited Warranty(Commercial). Please Feel Free To Contact Us For Any Assistance Related To The Item Or Its Mounting..
✅【Power Sources】1.Led Lighting Is Powered By The Flowing Water, Battery Not Required. 2.Electronic Motion Sensor Can Be Either Powered By Batteries(4 Aa Batteries Required) Or Connected To The Power Plug For Consistent Power Supply..
✅【Built In Led】: Led Lighting In Changing Hues Creates An Energetic Ambiance And Offers Visual Impacts. (Cold Water In Blue, Warm In Green, Hot In Red).

10. KEGE Automatic sink faucet with temperature mixer handle KEG-BY-143AD

The faucet comes with a hot and cold water handle to meet with requirements of hot and cold water change. The sensor which is on the base of the faucet can easily detect the movements of the object. The faucet is with good brass material, and surface chrome plated to be easy cleaned and spot resistant.

Touchless Bathroom Faucet KEG-BY-143AD


  • Touchless wave-on sensor: wave the sensor without touch, water flows, wave again, water stops. Water stops automatically after 1min continuously flow.
  • The water temperature adjusting handle is designed to meet with requirements of hot and cold water adjustment.
  • Low power indication: This may indicate it is time to replace existing batteries with new ones or there is not enough power going to unit.
  • Water-saving: Water-efficient faucet reduces overall water usage without sacrificing water.
  • Energy-saving: 4AA alkaline batteries shall last approximately 3000 times/month for one year.
  • Easy installation and cleaning.
  • Outside connected battery box for a convenient changing between AC,DC and AD.
  • Healthy and Safe: with the touch-free faucet, it can prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. It’s not only time-saving but also hygienic.
  • Sensor lifespan:500,000 times on and off. Valve lifespan:1,000,000 times opening.

11.American Standard 775B105.295 NextGen Selectronic Integrated Faucet, 0.5 gpm, Brushed Nickel

It is very easy to install and has a simple cohesive design for superior performance. The faucet is also made from high quality components for long lasting durability. Besides, it is very easy to maintain since the solenoid valve and the battery are very easy to access once you remove the cover. As well, 0.5 gpm saves more water compared to 2.2 gpm faucet. Additionally, it is easy and hygienic to operate.

American Standard 775B105.295 NextGen Selectronic Integrated Faucet

Touchless bathroom faucets comparison 

Water temperature controlYESNONOYESNOYES
Battery typeDC and ACDC and ACDCDC and ACDC and ACDC and AC
Warranty5 yearsFaucet and Finish Lifetime Limited WarrantLimited Lifetime2 years, spare parts limited lifetime3 years5 years
Flow rate0.5 Gallons Per Minute1.2 Gallons Per Minute0.5-1.5 Gallons Per Minute0.5-1.5 Gallons Per Minute0.5-1.5 Gallons Per Minute1.2 Gallons Per Minute

How do touchless bathroom faucets work?

Touchless bathroom faucets use infrared sensor technology that allows you to start the flow of water without touching the faucet. Instead, just placing your hand under the spout sensor, the sensor emits infrared beams and receives the reflection beams from the hand. Then it will give the solenoid valve a signal to open and the water will start flow; When you take your hand away, the sensor will indicate the solenoid valve to close, then the water flow will stop.

For more details, please check our blog on how touchless faucets work?

Advantages of touchless bathroom faucets

  • The significant advantage of a touchless bathroom faucet is cleanliness. The reason is that they are mess-free and solve the majority of the issue that one would have to deal with a regular tap. It helps in the elimination of cross-contamination.
  • Water saving and money saving. As water shuts off automatically, there is a considerable decrease in the use of water and a reduction in wastage. Additional benefits in such cases help in removing the overflow of a sink, which sometimes occurs due to an unclosed facet by accident. They are also a great help for people suffering from mobility limitations.
  • Hygienic, bacteria and germs free. Especially during the epidemic outbreak of COV-19.People cared more and more about hygienic-sanitary ware. A touchless or touch free bathroom faucet can efficiently prevent the spread of bacteria and germs, not only in a public washroom but also in the home bathroom.
  • It’s convenient — if your hands are full or messy, you can turn the faucet just wave.
  • Ease of operation: Children, people with arthritis or other painful ailments, and really anyone can operate an automatic faucet. It’s just plain easier to deal with for everyone.

For more details, please check our blog here.

Why my touchless bathroom faucet not working?

There are many reasons that can cause a touchless bathroom faucet not working, no water flow, leakage and so on. Because of the electricity influence, the reason mainly caused by the sensor, solenoid valve and batteries. For details, please read How To Troubleshoot Touchless Faucets.

Touchless bathroom faucet troubleshooting

Problem Possible Reason Suggested Solution
No water flow Batteries run out Replace batteries
Dirt on sensor surface Clean the sensor surface
Main water supply is shut off Turn main water supply on
Dirt on water filter net Clean the water filter net
Water pressure is not applicable Refer to technical specification
Have a continuous water flow problem Batteries run out Replace batteries
Low water pressure Refer to technical specification
Having leakage after turning off the faucet Low water pressure Refer to technical specification
Dirt on water filter net Clean the water filter net

Additional things need to know:

Color and Finish

Coordinating the color and finish is essential to ensure that it complements with the rest of the fixtures in the bathroom.Choice includes:

  • Black
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Chrome
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Iron
  • Stainless steel
  • Nickel


Every faucet has an inner valve that controls the flow of the water. With or without a washer, the quality of the internal valve speaks about the reliable nature of the entire unit. The best choices include brass metal components, solid brass, and corrosion-resistant plastic materials.

latching bi-stable solenoid valve


The plastic solenoid valve comes with a plastic base which is made of plastic ABS or PA material. The material is durable and also water safe. The solenoid valve life span can also reach one million circles and last more than 15 years.

If you are looking for a cheaper touchless bathroom faucet, then we suggest using a plastic solenoid valve.

Brass solenoid valve KEG-F07B


The brass solenoid valve comes with a brass base which is made of high quality brass. Brass material is widely used for solenoid valves because of its high quality, rustless, and water safe. The life span can also reach one million circles and last more than 15 years.

If you are looking for high quality and durable automatic bathroom faucet, then we suggest using a brass solenoid valve.

control options

Control options determine how a faucet works. For instance, touchless faucets do not require handles. One needs placing the hands under the spout and water gushes out instantly.A few models come with handles that act as a manual override to control the water flow. These are safe choice considering their advantages over manual faucets. Many of the models have different designs over manual faucets. Many of the models have different designs such as with and without handles. Choosing a faucet requires a simple ability to understand how well the product complements rest of the accessories in the bathroom and the color of the tiles.

By opting for the appropriate touchless bathroom faucet, increasing the productivity is high, and also one saves plenty of water. All these constitute the well-being of the individual or members of the family using the bathroom. Given the control options, one is bound to choose a faucet that operates automatically but also provides the chance to override the same when the need arises.

Spare pares

The spare parts of touchless bathroom faucets are quite important. It works like a human body, the sensor is like an eye to detect the movements of the objects and it will transfer these signals to the MCU or IC. The circuit board, especially the MCU or IC is like a brain to control all the parts working. The solenoid valve is like a heart to control water on and off. And the DC batteries or AC power adapter offer power to all the electronic parts.

The best automatic bathroom faucet should be with the best quality sensor, valve, power adapter or batteries.


Infrared sensor

As a key part of the touchless bathroom faucet, the sensor is like an eye to detect the movement of objects or people. Its job is to inform the valve when to start or stop the flow based on the presence and/or movement of objects or people. 

Solenoid valve for touchless bathroom faucet KEG-8907


As a key part of the automatic bathroom faucet, the valve is like a switch to open and close water flow. When it receives a signal from the sensor, it opens or closes the water flow.

The touchless bathroom faucet always comes with a valve with an adjustable handle that can adjust the water temperature.


dc or ac power

DC means direct current, normally 6V 4xAA alkaline batteries into a battery box. AC means alternating current, the AC power adapter with one side power cable connect with AC power, and one side with a waterproof connector connects with the sensor or control box. 

How to install touchless bathroom faucets?

It is easy to install touchless bathroom faucets, please check below steps or our blog here how to install touchless faucets .

How to install touchless bathroom faucet pictureA
Step 1

Take out the faucet body from the package and remove the rubber gasket, S/S gasket as well as fixing net. See Picture A.

How to install touchless bathroom faucet pictureB
Step 2

Drill two holes with size 7.5mm diameter and 30mm depth. Knock the expansion tubes into the holes and fix the control box holder to the wall. See picture B.

How to install touchless bathroom faucet picture
Step 3

Connect the faucet water hose with the control box outlet (See picture C-1). Then fix the water hose to the control box inlet and triangular valve (See picture C-2 and C-3). Fix the control box to the holder and connect the sensor wire.

How to install touchless bathroom faucet picture
Step 4

Take out of the battery box from the control box and install 4 pieces of AA alkaline batteries correctly. Then insert back the battery box to the control box. Insert the transformer plug to the socket if needed(See picture C-6).

Final Thoughts

Touchless bathroom sink faucets are perhaps the most ideal of solutions for any domestic bathroom. It’s quite convenient to use such a touchless bathroom faucet, with a good motion sensor, your life becomes so much easier. No need for leaning, no need for touching. Undeniably not only do these above sink faucet types offer a more modern design in the home environment, they ultimately encourage a healthier process all around.

Best of all, these are the models that work to ensure you save water by only activating when they are really needed. Thus, not only do you encourage a more environmentally process, but you also work on reducing your water bill in the meantime!

With all these models the easier of products to install all by yourself, we’ve no doubt that anyone of these touchless bathroom sink faucets would be the most beneficial of products to have in your own bathroom.

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