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A touchless kitchen faucet uses active infrared sensor technology that allows you to start the flow of water without touching the faucet. Instead, just place your hand in front of the sensor will start the water flow, and the water will stop when you take your hand away or after the set time. The water flow can be also controlled by the faucet handle. You can also use our touchless faucet adapter to convert your manual kitchen faucet to a touchless kitchen faucet. 

KEGE is a leading manufacturer and supplier of touchless faucets in China since 2015. We put many facilities and people in research and develop the electricity spare parts on the touchless faucets since the beginning. We provide the one-stop supply of sensor kitchen faucets, touchless faucets, and so on. We can accept small quantity orders, the best services, and competitive prices than these in your local market.

  • Low MOQ: 1pcs.
  • Competitive price: $80-$130 based on the requirement and quantity.
  • Warranty 1 year.


  • Touchless Motion sensor: Wave the sensor without touch, water flows, wave again, water stops. Water stops automatically after 3mins continuous flow.
  • Please make sure the manual handle has been turned on when you use the sensor.
  • 180°rotation: Pull-out water hose with the manual button to switch waterfall-flow or shower-rain-flow.
  • Low power indication: Sensor LED continuously flashes 5 times to indicate low power. This may indicate it is time to replace existing batteries with new ones or there is not enough power going to the unit. Easily replace the batteries without tools.
  • Sensor distance is adjustable by a remote controller.
  • Healthy and Safe: with a touch-free faucet for the kitchen, it can prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. It’s not only time-saving but also hygienic.
  • Cold & hot water mixer: There is a mixer within the faucet to adjust the water temperature by the handle.
  • Water saving: Water efficient faucet reduces overall water usage without sacrificing water. Can save water than regular manual kitchen faucet.
  • Energy saving: Battery shall last approximately 3000 times/month for one and half years.

Flow motion sensor kitchen faucet


The touchless kitchen faucet is also called flow motion sensor kitchen faucet, sensor kitchen faucet, kitchen sensor faucet. Obviously, it’s a sensor faucet, the most important part is the motion sensor inside the faucet.

Actually, we call this active infrared sensor technology. The motion sensor mostly is at the base of the faucet where you can see there is a sensor window and the LED flashes there. The sensor detects the movement of an object, gives a signal to the control IC, and activates the solenoid valve to work. The object can be your hands, a cat near the sensor.

The sensor distance is adjustable, but normally for a touchless kitchen faucet, it is always set 6-8cm. It’s a fast response sensor, the response time is within 1 second. For more sensor details, you can check here.

Different colors of touchless kitchen faucet

We have different colors of touchless kitchen faucets for customers’ selection. Such as black, matte black, gold, bronze, oil rubbed bronze, copper touchless kitchen faucet. All these touchless kitchen faucets have the same function, just with different surface processes.


The black or matte black touchless kitchen faucet comes with a black or matte black color surface, it matches the modern kitchen or bathroom. The black surface also shows the premium quality of the modern smart kitchen.

Gold touchless kitchen faucet

The gold touchless kitchen faucet comes with a gold color surface. The gold color can match your other fixtures in the kitchen. Gold also shows luxury products. With a gold touchless kitchen faucet, the kitchen immediately turns out to be modern and honorable.

oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet touchless

The oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet touchless comes with an oil rubbed bronze color. It’s an old ancient color which matches some kinds of classical fixtures or furniture in your home kitchen. It has all the sensor kitchen faucets functions.

brushed nickel touchless kitchen faucet

The surface of the brushed nickel touchless faucet looks brushed. Normally, the rough kitchen faucet will be brushed or polished firstly, and then nickel plating on the surface. Brushed nickel surface prevents fingerprints and water stains which makes your kitchen fresher and cleaner.

Touchless kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer

touchless kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer

As a normal kitchen faucet, touchless kitchen faucets are also with pull down sprayer. It also has two functions, pull-out water hose with a manual button to switch waterfall-flow or shower-rain-flow models. The touchless kitchen faucets listed in KEGE are all with pull down sprayers.

The pull down sprayer makes it easy to turn the faucet longer and clean every corner of the sink. It is quite convenient to use in the kitchen.

Touchless commercial kitchen faucet

The commercial touchless kitchen faucet is always used in high traffic spaces such as restaurants, hotels, laundries, and so on. It is a new innovation for kitchens, they are not only modern design but also convenient to use. It gives people a touchless new technology feeling. It also prevents the spread of bacteria and germs in the kitchen.


Pros and cons of touchless kitchen faucets


  • Save money: Touchless kitchen faucets conserve large amounts of water and can save a homeowner money over time.
  • Excellent ways to keep bacteria and other germs from spreading throughout a home
  • It’s convenient — if your hands are full or messy, you can turn the faucet on with your arm.
  • Ease of operation: Children, people with arthritis or other painful ailments, and really anyone can operate an automatic faucet. It’s just plain easier to deal with for everyone.
  • Fantastic and modern: it’s quite easy to use a touchless kitchen faucet, just wave the hand, the water follows, wave again water stops. It brings the kitchen smart, modern technology feelings.
two sensor touchless kitchen faucet


  • Touchless faucets cost more than traditional faucets.
  • They need electricity to run, and sometimes the power goes out.  This applies to those connected to an electrical outlet.  Batteries do die eventually and need to be replaced
  • Seems more troubleshooting than traditional faucets. Like no power, sensor failure and so on.

Core Technology

Active Infrared Sensor

Active infrared touchless sensors use the emission and reception of infrared beams to detect the presence and/or movement of objects or people in their field of detection. The technology is ideal for applications requiring a long and narrow detection range.

Touchless Kitchen Faucet Specification

Work PowerOver-Time ProtectionStatic Power ConsumptionSensor RangeSensor DistanceCustomizable ParametersOpening SensitivityClosing SensitivityAdjustable Parameters
DC4.6V~6VSide:3mins  Bottom: 1min<50uA
1.Side:4cm~12cm (distance to hand)  
2.Bottom:5cm~15cm (distance to hand)
6cm (Distance to hand)1. opening sensitivity
2. closing sensitivity
3. over-time protection
<0.3s<0.3sSensor distance is adjustable by a remote controller

Above is common electronic specification datas, for normal specification of the kitchen faucet, please view details of each product.

Touchless kitchen faucet accessories


infrared sensor

An electronic device that measures and detects infrared radiation in its surrounding environment.

Touchless kitchen faucet control box


Control box with solenoid valves, power battery box integrated inside it.


Diy device

With this device, simply install and will convert the manual kitchen faucet to a touchless kitchen faucet.

Touchless kitchen faucet application

kitchen application

HOME Kitchen

The KEGE touchless faucet can be used for the home kitchen, just wave hands to turn on and off, it makes your home smart and keep your home safe and germs free.

restaurants kitchen

restaurants kitchen

There is always a mess in the restaurants’ kitchen. A touchless kitchen faucet turns the restaurants’ kitchen to be clean and healthy.


The touchless faucet kitchen needs electricity for sure. Both the sensor and solenoid valve works need electricity power.

Urinal Flusher Battery Box

DC battery operated, normally 6V 4xAA alkaline batteries. Batteries shall last approximately 3000 times/month for one year. Battery replacement is easy, just open the battery box cover and put the new alkaline batteries into the box. Notice: please take care of the battery polarity.

power ac adapter

AC adapter, one side with power plug and one side with waterproof connector connect with the sensor or control box. The input can be 110v-380v and output 6V-9V. The ac adapter is not expensive and can buy it separately.

Touchless kitchen faucet with soap dispenser

A normal soap dispenser is workable, but we also have touchless soap dispenser which is perfect for the touchless kitchen faucet. Either free-standing or deck-mounted touchless soap dispenser can be working very well. It will make your kitchen totally bacteria and germs free.

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Want to make the kitchen touchless, healthy and smart?


In the future of modern smart homes, a touchless kitchen faucet is also one core part. They’re cool, for one thing, as their motion sensors always give you some sort of smart, modern technology feelings. More, a touch-free faucet keeps your fixture and kitchen clean, it’s a good hygienic choice and decreases the risk of contracting viruses and diseases.

A touchless kitchen faucet uses active infrared sensor technology that allows you to start the flow of water without touching the faucet. Instead, just place your hand in front of the sensor will start the water flow, and the water will stop when you take your hand away.
If you forget to close the no-touch faucet, no problem, the sensor IC and program will control the water to stop automatically after 3mins continuous flow.
More excitingly, the design of most touchless faucets is stylish and elegant to fit all kitchen styles, from classic to modern.

Touchless kitchen faucets use infrared sensor technology that allows you to start the flow of water without touching the faucet. Instead, just placing your hand under the spout sensor, the sensor will give the solenoid valve a signal to open, then the water will start flow; When you take your hand away, the sensor will indicate the solenoid valve to close, then water flow will stop.

For more details, please visit HOW DOES A TOUCHLESS FAUCET WORK.

There are combined several reasons that your touchless kitchen faucet may not work.

1. Battery issue: battery no power or battery installed in the wrong direction.
2. Sensor issue: the sensor got damaged, the surface not clean or the waterproof cable connection issue.
3. Solenoid valve issue: the filter in the valve blocked or the valve is damaged.

For more details, please visit touchless faucet troubleshooting.

The best touchless kitchen faucet needs to be good quality, top rated, durable, good function, and have few problems. For more details, please visit our blog BEST TOUCHLESS KITCHEN FAUCETS-BUYER’S GUIDE & REVIEWS.

If your touchless kitchen faucet is leaking or doesn’t work, you need to fix the touchless kitchen faucet. For more details, please check attached our blog here.

Install a touchless kitchen faucet is not difficult, you need to follow the installation manual or check our blog here.

The motion sensor kitchen faucet needs batteries to work. Normally it needs 6V 4xAA alkaline batteries. The motion sensor kitchen faucet batteries typically last about one to two years on average, based on approximately 3000 times/month.

Probably! Touchless kitchen faucets are quickly becoming the go-to option for homeowners who are upgrading their kitchens. Whether it’s a quick faucet replacement or part of a technology-focused renovation, adding a motion-activated kitchen faucet is an investment you’ll appreciate every time dirty hands reach for the faucet handle.

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