Diy touch free kitchen faucet solution with touchless device add on normal faucet

touchless faucet adapter

A touchless faucet adapter is a device that has all the touchless faucet electronic spare parts integrated. As you can see from our other pages, touchless faucets need motion sensors, solenoid valves, power supply. So touchless faucet adapters all have these.

Touchless faucet adapter is also called hands-free faucet adapter, motion sensor faucet adapter, automatic faucet adapter. It turns normal faucets to be smart sensor faucets. When you wave the hands in front of the adapter, the motion sensor detects it and waters come out, wave again, or wait for several seconds, water stops.

KEGE can offer the whole solution for the DIY touchless faucet kitchen adapter. No matter you are using which brand kitchen faucet, with our touchless faucet adapter, it turns your regular faucet to be a smart touchless kitchen faucet. Our adapter suits most of the kitchen faucets in the market because we have two different sizes of mounting connectors. We also have different colors to match your kitchen faucet colors.

It is so easy and turns the kitchen and bathroom to be hygienic, healthy, and safe. If you are interested in a touchless kitchen faucet but with a little budget, then the DIY touchless faucet adapter is just your selection. If you are interested with our motion sensor faucet adapter, please feel free to contact us.

KEGE DIY Touchless Faucet Adapter

Below we have two types of touchless faucet adapters, one with alkaline battery and one with lithium battery.

The touchless faucets adapter with lithium battery has a super long life span of 5 years using and no need to recharge the battery. The touchless faucets adapter with the alkaline battery has a shorter life span of 1-2 years using and it is quite easy and cheap to change the batteries because it only requires 2 AA normal batteries that you can buy them easily from the market.

  • Low MOQ: minimum 1 pcs.
  • Cheaper price rating: price between $15-$30 based on different quantities.
  • Healthy and Safe: with the touch-free faucet, it can prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. It’s not only time-saving but also hygienic.

How does touchless faucet adapter work?

When you wave the hands before the touchless faucet adapter. The sensor detects your movement and it gives a signal to the solenoid valve to open and the water comes out automatically. When you wave the sensor again or after a few seconds, the IC control closes the valve and lets the water close.

For more details, please check our blog here.

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How to install DIY touchless faucet adapter?


  1. Please read the instructions carefully.
  2. The sketch map is only for reference. Product appearance and accessories may differ from illustrations in the manual.
  3. Please confirm to use a standard 2AAA alkaline battery, make sure the battery polarity is installed correctly.
  4. Please prepare a wrench, which is used to screw the connector


  1. Turn off the kitchen faucet handle and unscrew the faucet nozzle.
  2. Select the correct male/female connector with a sealing washer.
  3. Put the nut into the kitchen faucet and tighten the nut.
  4. PUT the DIY sensor tap body align with the connector, sensor faces forward, plug into the connector.
  5. Turn on the handle, the installation is complete, If there is an abnormality, please check the troubleshooting.

For more details, please check the pdf file or view our blog here. You can also check the installation manual inside the package.

touchless faucet adapter installation manual

Precautions for usage of hands-free faucet adapter


Please use a damp towel or cotton cloth to wipe gently.


Please avoid any rocking or violent motion.


Please DO NOT use acid / alkaline detergents for cleaning.


Yes, you can make your faucet touchless. Use our touchless faucet adapter to make your faucet touchless. Touchless Faucet Adapter turns your kitchen faucet into a smart auto water Motion Sensor faucet. Auto water comes out every move when you wash hands, dishes, and food. Function as water dispenser for cats. It saves water & more Hygiene – Water stops instantly when an object leaves.

Using our hands-free faucet adapter to turn your kitchen faucets to be touchless, it is easy to install and use. It makes your kitchen smart, hygienic, healthy, and safe. You can check the installation steps we listed.

You can simply attach this motion sensor adaptor to these existing faucets, and instantly the faucet becomes sensor activated with adjustable temperature and pressure. Turn any bathroom or kitchen sink into a completely hands-free, automatic faucet.

Many touchless faucets have a manual sensor override mode, which allows the faucet to function as a regular faucet during a loss of power.

No, it’s quite easy to install a touchless faucet. You can check the installation manual or our blog here.

Yes, the faucet handle has to be in the ON position. The adapter screws onto the end of the faucet and has an internal infrared controlled valve that opens and closes each time a hand gets near it. The flow of water through the adapter will depend on the position of the handle and how much it is “turned on”.

the original faucet must be on for the touchless faucet adapter to work. If you don’t want it to accidentally activate, you can turn off the original handle.


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