The sensor kitchen sink faucet KEG-10-Z103D has a small infrared sensor at the base of the faucet. When the hands get close to the sensor, it activates the touchless kitchen faucet work, and water flows. When the hands leave, the water stops.

It is always used for kitchen sinks, so we also call them motion sensor kitchen sink faucets or touchless kitchen sink faucets. It is good for the modern kitchen because of its chrome surface and stylish design. It is also well used in the kitchen sink because it is hygienic, touchless, and will not make the kitchen a mess.

  • Brand: KEGE
  • Item No:  KEG-10-Z103D
  • Color options: chrome
  • Hygienic, bacteria and germs free without touching
  • Pull out and two functions spout
  • Cold and hot water mixer, temperature adjustable
  • Material: stainless steel
  • MOQ: 1pcs.
  • Competitive price range: $70-$120 based on the requirement and quantity.
  • Warranty 1 year.
  • Working power: DC 6V


  • Touchless wave-on sensor: wave the sensor without touch, water flows, wave again, water stops. Water stops automatically after 3mins continuous flows.
  • Cold & hot water mixer: There is a mixer within the faucet to adjust the water temperature.
  • Sensor STOPS working as long as the manual handle is activated.
  • 180°rotation: Pull-out water hose with the manual button to switch waterfall-flow or shower-rain-flow.
  • Water saving: Water efficient faucet reduces overall water usage without sacrificing water. Can save at least 30% water than a manual kitchen faucet.
  • Energy saving: Battery shall last approximately 3000 times/month for one year.
  • Easily replace the batteries without tools.
  • Healthy and Safe: with touch-free faucet for the kitchen, it can prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. It’s not only time-saving but also hygienic.
  • IC: imported big brand IC to control the full circuit program.
  • SPOT RESISTANT: Spot Resist stainless finish resists fingerprints and water spots for a cleaner looking kitchen
  • Emergency flow channel usage: when no power or electronic system failure, open the emergency flow channel, then water flow is controlled by faucet handle.

How does sensor kitchen sink faucet work?

The sensor kitchen sink faucet uses activated infrared motion sensor technology. When people are getting close to the kitchen faucet, wave their hands on the front of the sensor, and the water flows out. Wave again the water stops. Or waiting after the setting minutes, normally 180 seconds and the water stops.

The wave motion sensor is a fast response sensor. The response time is less than 1 second. When you wave your hands before the sensor, there is no feeling that the water comes out quickly.

Active infrared sensor

Active infrared touchless sensors use the emission and reception of infrared beams to detect the presence and/or movement of objects or people in their field of detection. The technology is ideal for applications requiring a long and narrow detection range.

infrared touchless sensor icon for touchless faucet

General Information

Model No. Type Material Mixer N.W / G.W Warranty
KEG-10-Z103D Deck-Mounted Sensor Faucet

Stainless steel
with chroming

Yes/ for cold & hot water 3.8/4.2KG One Year

Packing Information

Inner package Outer package Quantity per carton
615*360*90mm 630*370*380mm 4units

Technical Specification

Working power Maximum washing period Working water pressure Sensor distance
DC6V 3mins (Default) 0.05-0.7MPa 12±2cm to white board (about 8cm to hand)

Motion sensor touch free

People who are asking:

touchless kitchen faucet uses active infrared sensor technology that allows you to start the flow of water without touching the faucet. Instead, just place your hand in front of the sensor will start the water flow, and the water will stop when you take your hand away.
If you forget to close the no-touch faucet, no problem, the sensor IC and program will control the water to stop automatically after 3mins continuous flow.
More excitingly, the design of most touchless faucets is stylish and elegant to fit all kitchen styles, from classic to modern.

Are touchless kitchen faucet reliable?

Yes, the touchless kitchen faucet is quite reliable. The technology of the infrared sensor is stable and developed for many years. Every KEGE kitchen faucet is tested by life testing, valve on/off testing, infrared sensor distance testing and salt spraying testing. Sensor lifespan:500,000 times on and off, valve lifespan:1,000,000 times opening. What’s more, when no power or electronic system failure, open the emergency flow channel, then water flow is controlled by faucet handle.

In the future modern smart homes, a touchless kitchen faucet is also one core part. They’re cool, for one thing, as their motion sensors always give you some sort of smart, modern technology feelings. More, a touch free faucet keeps your fixture and kitchen clean, it’s a good hygienic choice and decreases the risk of contracting viruses and diseases.

Touchless kitchen faucets use infrared sensor technology that allows you to start the flow of water without touching the faucet. Instead, just placing your hand under the spout sensor, the sensor will give the solenoid valve a signal to open, then the water will start flow; When you take your hand away, the sensor will indicate the solenoid valve to close, then water flow will stop.

The touchless faucet kitchen needs electricity for sure. Both the sensor and solenoid valve works need electricity power. Normally three choices: DC 6V: 4xAA alkaline batteries; AC: using a transformer to transfer power from 220V/380V to 6V; Both DC/AC models existed, firstly use AC power to work, if AC no power then DC start to work.

6V with 4xAA alkaline batteries shall last approximately 3000 times/month for one year.

There are combined several reasons that your touchless kitchen faucet may not work.

1. Battery issue: battery no power or battery installed in the wrong direction.
2. Sensor issue: the sensor got damaged, the surface was not clean or the waterproof cable connection issue.
3. Solenoid valve issue: the filter in the valve is blocked or the valve is damaged.

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