Touchless Sink Faucet KEG-11-B104AD

The touchless sink faucet is also called automatic sink faucet, sensor sink faucet. As its name, it is used for sink water washing. It uses a motion sensor that allows people to wash without touching the faucet. It is totally a smart modern sensor sink faucet.

It is good for sinks because of touchless sensor technology, people don’t need to lean too much to wash their hands, fruits, vegetables, or others. It will also turn on and turn off automatically. It is quite good for children or elder people to wash.

  • Brand: KEGE
  • Item No: KEG-11-B104AD
  • Easy installation and cleaning
  • Hygienic, bacteria and germs free without touching
  • Made of brass raw material with chrome surface
  • MOQ: 1pcs
  • Warranty: one year.
  • Cheap price: $40-$70 based on the requirement and quantity


The touchless sink faucet comes with a chrome surface that is durable and easy to clean. The touchless sink faucet is combined with the faucet body and control box. In the control box, it has the solenoid valve and battery box.

How does the touchless sink faucet work?

The touchless sink faucet has a motion sensor at the base of the faucet. When people put their hands near the faucet and in the sensor detection area, the water starts flowing automatically. When your hands leave, the water stops. Or waiting after the setting minutes, normally 60 seconds and the water stops.

The working principle is easy, for more details, you can check our blog here.


  • Touchless wave-on sensor: wave the sensor without touch, water flows, wave again, water stops. Water stops automatically after 1min continuously flow.
  • The water temperature adjusting handle is designed to meet the requirements of the hot and cold water temperature settings.
  • Water-saving: Water-efficient faucet reduces overall water usage without sacrificing water.
  • Energy-saving: 4AA alkaline batteries shall last approximately 3000 times/month for one year.
  • Easy installation and cleaning.
  • Outside connected battery box for a convenient changing between AC, DC, and AD.
  • Healthy and Safe: with the touch-free faucet, it can prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. It’s not only time-saving but also hygienic.


The touchless sink faucet KEG-11-B104AD has a chrome surface appearance. It is combined with the faucet body and control box.

Spare parts

The spare parts include the control box and AC power adapter. In the control box, it has the solenoid valve and DC battery box. With the connector, it connects with the faucet body.


Technical specification:

Power supplyMaterialInlet/Outlet diameterTemperature mixerStatic consumptionSensor distanceSensitivityMax. water flowWorking temperatureStorage temperatureResponse timeWater pressure
DC 4.5-6.4V with 4 AA alkaline batteries/
AC110-240V adapter–
Output: 5.0-6.5V/1A (Ripple<60mW)


No/for cold water only, but can install a mixer valve
≦ 40 uA1.Adjustable sensor range: 7-21cm
2. Default distance 10±10%CM
0.512s60s±6s0 ~ 50 ℃-40 ~ 80 ℃Open≤1s, close≤1.5s0.05MPa-0.6MPa


Net weightGross WeightInner packageOuter packageQuantity per carton

Automatic turn on/off water

Water flows when hands enter the sensor range and water stops when hands leave.

  1. Microcomputer smart sensor technology, non-contact sensor technology, water will automatically flow out when hands enter the sensing range, and the water stops automatically after hands leave, which is convenient and hygiene, prevent cross-infection, and can effectively save 65% of water
  2. Water-saving: automatically turn off the water after 60 seconds to prevent long-time water flow waste due to mis-induction

Low voltage detection

When the battery is exhausted, the indicator light flashes, and the faucet no longer discharges water, indicating to replace the battery.

AC/DC power supply. Automatic shut off when no power supply

  1. AC uses 110-240V switching power adapter; DC uses four AA dry batteries, and the battery box is built-in.
  2. The integration of the product makes it simple to use.
  3. The valve will be automatically closed when the battery is exhausted or when the power is removed for maintenance to avoid water keeps coming out after a power outage.

Please replace the battery when the indicator light continuously and slowly doubles flashes.

Battery replacement

  1. Open the upper cover, and take out the battery box group;
  2. Take out the old batteries and replace them with new four AA alkaline batteries;
  3. Check that if the installation is correct, fix the battery box group back, return it to its original position, and fasten the upper cover.

Noted: Make sure the batteries are installed correctly (“+” positive and“-” negative charge). DO NOT mix new & old batteries. Do NOT mix batteries of different brands.

How to install the brass touchless faucet?

It is easy to install a touchless sink faucet, just by following our installation manual or checking the steps below:

  1. Take out the faucet, remove the lock nut and two washers, pass the wire and the hose through the basin hole, install back the two washers, and fix the lock nut.
  2. Find a suitable position under the basin, nail holes on the wall, and fix the bracket on the back of the control box to the position
  3. Connect the hose with the control box water outlet and lock it tightly, as C-1.
  4. Take another two-end hose with G1/2 thread(purchased by the client), one end is locked with the control box water inlet(as C-2), and the other end is connected to the water supply angle valve and lock it firmly(as C-3). Note: If the angle valve is not G1/2 thread, please choose the matching hose.
  5. Fix the control box on the bracket(as C-4), connect the wire on the control box, and on faucet(as C-5);
  6. Connect the AC adapter to the main power, and connect the DC end to the control box(as Figure C-6);

Motion sensor faucet troubleshooting

Problem Possible Reason Suggested Solution
No water flow Batteries run out Replace batteries
Dirt on sensor surface Clean the sensor surface
Main water supply is shut off Turn main water supply on
Dirt on water filter net Clean the water filter net
Water pressure is not applicable Refer to technical specification
Have a continuous water flow problem Batteries run out Replace batteries
Low water pressure Refer to technical specification
Having leakage after turning off the faucet Low water pressure Refer to technical specification
Dirt on water filter net Clean the water filter net

People who are asking more:

touchless faucet uses active infrared sensor technology that allows you to start the flow of water without touching the faucet. Instead, just place your hand in front of the sensor will start the water flow, and the water will stop when you take your hand away.
If you forget to close the no-touch faucet, no problem, the sensor IC and program will control the water to stop automatically after 1min continuously flow, time can be set.
More excitingly, the design of most touchless faucets is stylish and elegant to fit all basins,sink or lavatory, from classic to modern.

Yes, the touchless faucet is quite reliable. The technology of the infrared sensor is stable and developed for many years. Every KEGE touchless faucets are tested by life testing, valve on/off testing, infrared sensor distance testing and salt spraying testing. Sensor lifespan:500,000 times on and off, valve lifespan:1,000,000 times opening.

In the future modern smart homes, a touchless bathroom faucet is also one core part. They’re cool, for one thing, as their motion sensors always give you some sort of smart, modern techy feelings. Plus, a touch-free faucet keeps your fixture and bathroom clean, it’s a good hygienic choice and decreases the risk of contracting viruses and diseases.

Touchless faucets use infrared sensor technology that allows you to start the flow of water without touching the faucet. Instead, just placing your hand under the spout sensor, the sensor will give the solenoid valve a signal to open, then the water will start flowing; When you take your hand away, the sensor will indicate the solenoid valve to close, then water flow will stop.

The touchless faucet needs electricity for sure. Both the sensor and solenoid valve works need electricity power. Normally three choices: DC 6V: 4xAA alkaline batteries; AC: using a transformer to transfer power from 220V/380V to 6V; Both DC/AC models existed, firstly use AC power to work, if AC no power then DC start to work.

6V with 4xAA alkaline batteries shall last approximately 3000 times/month for one year.

1. Battery issue: battery no power or battery installed in the wrong direction.
2. Sensor issue: the sensor got damaged, surface not clean or the waterproof cable connection issue.
3. Solenoid valve issue: the filter in the valve blocked or the valve is damaged.

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