Automatic Toilet Flusher KEG-312AD Economy

The automatic toilet flusher KEG-312AD detects the movement of people and flushes automatically after leaving. Applicable Water Pressure 0.3MPa~0.7MPa, 9s automatically flush time based on water pressure 0.3-0.6Mpa. It can be AC powered with a power plug and power adapter or DC battery power, it can also combine both AC and DC power.

  • Brand: KEGE
  • Item No: KEG-312AD
  • 6s flushing time after leaving
  • Hygienic, bacteria and germs free without touching


  • Flush program: Normal Mode flush time 9s; Water saving Mode:usage time less than 1min: 4s/flush while usage time more than 1min: 9s/flush
  • Automatically flush if no usage in 24 hours.
  • Low power indication: This may indicate it is time to replace existing batteries with new ones or there is not enough power going to the unit.
  • Water-saving: Water-efficient toilet flusher valve reduces overall water usage without sacrificing water.
  • Energy-saving: 4AA alkaline batteries shall last approximately 3000 times/month for 1.5 to 2 years.
  • All stainless steel embedded box,copper cast nickel plated solenoid valve is adopted, with water regulation and filter protection device built in.
  • Healthy and Safe: Touch free, it can prevent the spread of bacteria and germs, convenience and hygiene.
  • ABS plated panel frame can reduce the auto toilet flusher cost.

Automatic Toilet Flusher Concealing KEG-312AD
Automatic Toilet Flusher KEG-312AD installation for crouching and seating

Auto Toilet Flusher KEG-312AD Specification

External Power Supply Applicable water pressure Applicable Water Temperature Ambient Temperature Feedwater caliber Flushing water volume

4XAA batteries


AC:110v-240V,50Hz-60Hz DC&AC combined 0.3-0.8Mpa 0.1-60℃ 0.1-45℃ G1” 4-6L(10s based on water pressure of 0.3-0.6Mpa)
Automatic Toilet Flusher Concealing KEG-312AD structure

How to install automatic toilet flush?

Touchless Toilet Flusher Troubleshooting

Problem Possible Reason Suggested Solution
No water flow Batteries run out Replace batteries
Dirt on sensor surface Clean the sensor surface
Main water supply is shut off Turn main water supply on
Dirt on water filter net Clean the water filter net
Water pressure is not applicable Refer to technical specification
Have a continuous water flow problem Batteries run out Replace batteries
Low water pressure Refer to technical specification

Auto toilet flusher, hygienic, bacteria and germs free without touching, reduce COVID-19 spreading.

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