Counter Mounted Automatic Soap Dispenser KEG-6617HA

The brass automatic soap dispenser KEG-6617HA is durable and easy to clean because of brass raw material with chrome surface. The brass soap dispenser automatically supplies liquid soap as one puts hands near the sensor, and it automatically stops after 1.5s. With a higher height, It can be used for the countertop basin or sink for the home bathroom or public restrooms. It provides the option to offer your washroom visitors an extensive range of liquid soaps or hand sanitizers in a simple and hygienic way.

The big refillable capacity holds the soap dispenser for a long time using and saves money to exchange soaps always. With high-quality brass material, it can also reduce clogging risks.

The 99mm extended out spout makes it easy to automatically dispense. And only put the hands a little, the soap comes out easily.

  • High responsive: dispenses within 0.5 seconds.
  • Can be used for hand sanitizer.
  • Contactless and Hygienic without touching.
  • Large capacity: 1500ml/50 oz capacity bottle. you don’t need to replace soap frequently. The liquid soap can be refillable.
  • Brass material with chrome surface, easy to clean.
  • Controlled output for efficient usage of soap. Output volume every time 2ml. The dispense volume can be adjustable.
  • Used for countertop basins.


  • 100% hands free operation – Helps reduce cross-contamination. Hygienic, contactless, bacteria, and germs free without touching. Clean your hands effectively.
  • Automatic liquid soap dispenser type. Controlled output for efficient usage of soap. The output of soap volume can be adjusted. For a touchless liquid soap dispenser is 2-13.5ml, normally setting:2ml.
  • No Messy Drips.The dispenser features a non-drip spout, eliminating mess and waste.
  • Automatic on/off: Soap dispenser automatically supplies liquid soap as the dispense-time set as soon as hands in sensor range. Soap dispenser automatically stops working if hands out of sensor range.
  • Adjustable sensor range and supply time by a remote controller (optional).
  • Power: AC 110V-240V with W66 power adapter.Input 110-240V AC, output 6V DC.
  • The circuit board has special waterproof design.
  • It is suggested cleaning the soap hoses with clean tap water if you will not use the soap dispenser for more than 1 week. How to clean: please fill clean tap water into the soap bottle and sense the soap dispenser until the tap water dispensed.
  • Application: Can be used in bathroom and public restroom.

Technical Specification:

Automatic Soap Dispenser KEG-6617Ha Technical Specification

Working power Sensor response time  Setting sensor distance Adjustable Sensor distance Soap capacity Sensor lifetime Warranty Supply volume per drop 
AC 110-240V <0.5 second 13cm ± 1cm 10-16cm  1500ML/ 51oz 300,000 times on/off One Year Liquid type: adjustable 2-13.5ml, factory setting :2ml

Product size:

Automatic Soap Dispenser KEG-6617HA front size
Automatic Soap Dispenser KEG-6617ha overall size

automatic soap dispenser control box dimension

Installation Guide:

Automatic Soap Dispenser KEG-6617HA installation guide

Passive infrared Technology

Passive infrared sensors detect the infrared radiation emitted by objects in their field of detection. This technology is used to detect the movement of objects or people within a given volume, such as a room or soap dispenser for example.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An automatic soap dispenser uses passive infrared sensor (PIR) technology that when placing your hand in front of the sensor will start the soap drip, and it will stop supplying after 1.5 seconds.

Passive infrared sensors detect the infrared radiation emitted by objects in their field of detection. This technology is used to detect the movement of objects or people within a given volume, such as a room for example.

An automatic hand wash dispenser always helps add to the style quotient of any bathroom space. The design is always sleek and minimalistic, and they can also be used for more than just liquid soap. An automatic soap dispenser can also be used to store and dispense hand sanitiser, hand cream or body lotion.

What’s more, an automatic soap dispenser helps reduce cross-contamination. It is hygienic, bacteria, and germs free without touching. Automatic soap dispensers reduce waste. Touchless soap dispensing technology allows the user a limited amount of the product. So they are more economical.

Here are 5 steps to hand-washing so that your hands are really clean.

  1. Wet your hands with clean, running water.
  2. Put your hands in front of the automatic soap dispenser and get some soap without touching.
  3. Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds. That means the back of your hands, between your fingers, and don’t forget your thumbs!
  4. Rinse your hands well under clean, running water.
  5. Dry your hands using a clean towel or air dry them.

Yes.Our dispensers are perfect for dispensing liquid soap, foram soap or hand sanitizer.

We have about 40 of these in our building and change batteries every 2 years. 90,000 hand washes or 2 years.

YES, this automatic soap dispenser can suit for dishwahsing liquid. You can also adjust the density by water.