6V Brass Solenoid Valve For Automatic Toilet Flusher KEG-F31

6V Brass Solenoid Valve For Automatic Toilet Flusher KEG-F31

The brass solenoid valve is a switch to control the water on and off. The positive or negative signals from the sensor control the solenoid valve. The polarity of the signal determines if the solenoid will either engage a pull or push actions. The valves control the water flow by using a rubber-like disc. When there is no signal, the valve is closed, meaning no water flow through the faucet. The presence of a hand will send a positive signal to the solenoid causing it to pull the valve open for water to flow. The solenoid will close up the valve by a push action when the hand is no more.


  • Used for automatic toilet flusher.
  • Brass, cheap and bi-stable solenoid valve.
  • The bistable pulse solenoid valve adopts the core product of “independent research and development, technical innovation” of our company. The unique internal structure design greatly reduces the movement resistance of the valve core in the cavity and the impact of the medium on the valve body when the valve body is opened and closed and enhances the reliability and service life of the valve.
  • It shortens the pulse width required for the valve switch at the highest and the lowest pressure. It is an ideal terminal control device for infrared induction sanitary ware. It is made of all copper and adopts a special rubber covered anti-reverse plugging connecting wire. The waterproof grade can reach above IP x 5.
  • Anti-blocking device is installed at the water inlet to ensure the normal water inlet and outlet.
  • It solves the defects of large flow and small opening pressure of the common solenoid valve and meets the requirements of large flow and high pressure of customers.
  • Unique design, making it beautiful, easy to maintain, low energy consumption, low noise environmental protection, and energy-saving products.

Basic Information:

Type Material Application Warranty
Brass toilet flusher solenoid valve  KEG-F31
Brass and coil
automatic toilet flusher One Year

Technical Specification:

Rated Voltage Flow capability Switch mode Pulse width Working pressure Water Temperature Default wire socket Life Time
DC6V 0.05Mpa>5L/min 0.3Mpa>20L/min 0.8Mpa>28L/min DC pulse 20ms 0.05Mpa-0.8Mpa 5~70℃ Valve with male socket or DC connector ≥1,000,000cycles

Solenoid Valve KEG-F31 sizes:

6V Brass Solenoid Valve For Automatic Toilet Flusher KEG-F31 sizes